Planning Services for Public Agencies

Cypress Environmental is able to provide public agencies and development professionals with both standard land use planning and environmental planning services. The career of Kim Tschantz, MSP, CEP includes an extensive professional planning career in both the public agency and private sectors. This background provides a broad range of skills which is needed to meet today’s challenges for effectively analyzing projects and managing projects that need multi-agency approvals. Our services include:  

Environmental Impact Analyses

  • CEQA Initial Studies
  • Assistance with Environmental Impact Reports and Environmental Impact Statements

Project Review

  • Analysis of development proposals
  • Preparation of staff reports and related documents
  • Coordination of project tasks and ideas/concerns from stakeholders
  • Public workshops and study sessions
  • Public presentations to decision-making bodies

Policy Updates

  • General Plan updates
  • Ordinance amendments
  • Community workshops

Mitigation/Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

  • Formulating monitoring programs
  • Conducting monitoring inspections and reports
  • Assistance with remedial action when needed to correct compliance problems


While at the County of Santa Cruz, Kim was one of those planners that you know would be professional and attend to detail and thoroughness. We welcomed his expertise in the private sector.”  

Joel Ricca, President, Bowman & Williams Engineers, Santa Cruz 


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