Pre-Development Site Reviews (PDSR) and Pre-Purchase Site Reviews (PPSR): A Special Service for Private Clients

What is it?

A PDSR/PPSR is a land use feasibility study. It is an easy to follow written analytical report that explains the results of a zoning and environmental analysis of a project idea on a particular site. Technical information is explained in simple terms. PDSR/PPSRs also provide a road map for obtaining agency approvals for the project. Both site investigations are similar. A PDSR provides more focus on a client’s proposed project. A PPSR focuses more on what a new homeowner should know before purchasing the property and/or provides information that acts as resource tool for sellers marketing a property. This is especially useful for more challenging properties.

Why do it?

  • To save time and money

PDSR/PPSRs provide property owners with the critical land use information affecting their property before they expend substantial time, money and effort on developing new plans for their property. This is a critical first step for any project which can be affected by environmental conditions, zoning standards or other land use regulations. A PDSR tells the client what he or she needs to know before hiring an architect, engineer, contractor or other design consultant. A PPSR lets prospective purchasers know if the property is right for them.

  • To help determine your site plan/marketing plan

Do you own commercial property? A PDSR/PPSR will help you decide if your site is a good location to expand your business or to construct a new building with adequate parking and other required improvements.

Are you a residential property owner? A PDSR/PPSR will determine the best place for you to locate your new home, new addition, home occupation workshop or new accessory dwelling unit to avoid both environmental and regulatory problems.

Are you selling or considering purchasing the property? A PDSR/PPSR will give you an overview of the extent of development that can occur on the property or if your future idea for the property is feasible.

A PDSR would be very beneficial for this property. See the explanation at left.

  •  To demystify the rules

The PDSR/PPSR report includes easy to understand information about the environmental and zoning implications of carrying out your dream project or necessary business expansions. Agency regulations are translated into simple lay terms.

How does the client benefit?

The information obtained in a PDSR avoids or minimizes the need to revise a development plan to meet City, County or State requirements. This minimizes your project design costs. Understanding important environmental issues allows formulation of a project that is sensitive to the natural resources and constraints on the site. This will reduce your property maintenance costs over the long term. A PPSR informs purchasers if plans they have for the property are feasible before they purchase the parcel.

Here is One Example

A PDSR/PPSR would benefit the owners of the large property shown on the map at right. Building setbacks should be increased from adjoining agricultural land to minimize land use conflicts between properties and from the stream for environmental protection. Development should be designed to keep erosion generating uses from affecting the creek habitat. Both the creek corridor and steep slopes are issues that affect proper location of future driveway access and other development. Clustering new development near the existing residential lots on Scenic Way and Maplewood Way (orange on map) would preserve the majority of this large parcel for open space or farming related uses, but it’s best to locate sewage disposal systems outside of groundwater recharge areas (blue on map). The PDSR/PPSR would discuss alternative ways to resolve this issue.

“I have used Kim Tschantz’s services and found him professional, thorough, and time saving.

… Cynthia Stark, Aptos resident


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