Pre-development Site Review for Brown/Bordeau – Northern Monterey County

Issue: The Brown/Bordeau family own 24 acres of rural land, that includes both level land with fertile soils and hillside pasture land. The older family members live in the one dwelling on the property. They wanted to provide a second dwelling on-site for the younger adult family members and a building to conduct a home occupation connected with farming. They believed subdividing the property was the only way to provide a second dwelling but were previously told their parcel was too small to subdivide according to policies of Monterey County General Plan.

Brown/Bordeau Property

The differing topography of the Brown/Bordeau Property

Solution:  The family hired Cypress to conduct a Pre-development Site Review (PDSR) to determine the development potential of 24-acre parcel. The PDSR reveled important property information that the family was not previously aware of. This information included: a) The zoning would allow a dwelling unit density of 10-acres/dwelling  if natural resources on the site could be protected;  b) A second dwelling, built as part of a dwelling group, was an alternative to a more costly land division;  c) A farm office, as a home occupation, could locate on the site in a separate building pending approval of a Use Permit;  d) All new development must be located on areas with slopes of less than 30%; e) A suitable building site for the second dwelling was identified;  and f) By pursing their project as a dwelling group, rather than a land division, the permit fees would be reduced by $10,900. These facts, and the other information provided by the PDSR, allowed the family to make informed decisions about the future use of their property.