Accessory Dwelling Unit for the Nino Family – City of Santa Cruz

Issue:  The owner inherited a family home with a detached garage, which were both built in 1947. The owner wished to convert the 340 square foot garage to a second dwelling on this urban lot within the Coastal Zone. The structure lacked adequate floor area for a small dwelling.

Nino ADU

Front Elevation of the Plans for the Nino ADU

Solution: The owner hired Cypress to obtain permits to allow the conversion and enlargement of the garage to a 386 sq. ft. accessory dwelling unit. Cypress worked with the owner and the subcontracted building designer to have the project plans reflect the design desired by the owner and to meet the requirements of the Building Code. Acting as the permit applicant for the owner, Cypress obtained approval of  a combined Use Permit, Design Review Permit and Coastal Zone Permit in 2006 to allow the proposed conversion. Cypress then submitted plans for a Building Permit. The structure was renovated according to the approved plans in 2007 and is an example of one of the many accessory dwelling units in the city that provides dwelling space for lower income people or family members of the inhabitants of the main dwelling on the same lot.