Falcon Ridge LID Subdivision – City of Scotts Valley

Issue: A subdivision was proposed on vacant 43-acre site in the City of Scotts Valley. Most of the site was too steep for development but contained a rich mixed evergreen forest. A wetland was located in the middle of the developable area of the site. The City experienced groundwater overdraft, which is exacerbated by new development.

One of the Homes at Falcon Ridge with LID Landscape and Drainage Features in Front Yard

Solution:  The City hired Cypress to manage the project, including preparation of the environmental Initial Study, staff reports and presentations for the Planning Commission and City Council. The wetland was modified under a biotic restoration plan that included a new shape that allowed three lots to be created but became a larger habitat area in the opposite direction. The wetland also acted as a receiving basin to collect runoff from steep hillsides, a groundwater recharge facility and an aesthetic feature for the project. The low impact development (LID) project also included vegetated swales rather than concrete curb and gutters, minimal turf grass in yards, solar panels on all homes and preserved the steep areas of the site through a conservation easement.