Azevedo Marshes Restoration Project – Moss Landing area of Monterey County

Issue: Non-profit Elkhorn Slough Foundation wished to restore three marshes adjoining Elkhorn Slough in Monterey County. The marsh habitats had become damaged by substantial undercutting of the substrate caused by extreme tidal fluctuations. The sites were located partially within federally protected wetlands and partially on land owned by a railroad company that had been historically unresponsive.

One of the Azevedo Marshes viewed from the Union Pacific Rail Road

 Solution: Coordinated permit processing with local, state and federal agencies and the Union Pacific Railroad and coordinated the work of the project civil engineer to obtain permit approvals from the railroad and six regulatory agencies to allow the construction of tide control gates within the wetland. Today, the tide gates reduce the velocity and duration of tidal flows at the marshes and have allowed the creation of a high quality and biologically diverse wetland habitat.